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公司简介 发展历程 公司荣誉 董事长致辞


      Since 2004, the Group company has been rated as “contract honoring and trustworthy” enterprise by Xi’an Bureau for Industry and Commerce for five consecutive years; in 2006 and 2007, it was reputed as “Top 10 Enterprises with Great Comprehensive Strength in Real Estate Industry of Shaanxi”; in recent years, the Group company has also been awarded as“Xi’an 3.15 Integrity Unit” and “The Most Competitive Enterprise” for many times. 


      As a responsible enterprise group, we take excellent real estate property product and value-added service as the basis, diligently practices the enterprise social responsibilities of making expansion contribution with urban area and promotion contribution to social development of development area, and hopes to leave a mark, obtain achievements and create fortune in the process of national reform, social progress and urban development. With a determined direction, pioneering spirit and great efforts, we will structure a sustainable Chang’an Holding Company Group.