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      Xi’an Real Estate Development (Group) Co., Ltd., an enterprise subordinate to the Group, is the first private enterprise with joint-stock system reorganization in Xi’an. The company is located in “Shijia Xingcheng” Community developed in the south suburbs of Xi’an, and covers a land of 956mu, with the planning construction area of 1,500,000 m2. “Shijia Xingcheng” Community is designed based on the high-stardard modern urban life, respecting natural environment, creating cultural environment, practical design of the housing type and complete supporting facilities, and once constructed, it has become the boutique community for the public and the model of cultural community. 
      The enterprise subordinate to the Group carried out comprehensive treatment and level-I land development in Chanhe River in the east suburbs of Xi’an in 2002, completed the demolition, relocation and resettlement of 850 households with near 3,500 villagers, and made land consolidation for 2,000mu construction and development land, which was then stored by municipal government and transferred to HDB Corporation and Henderson Land Development Company Limited for land plot development.