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       Xi’an Shenghe Han Chang’an Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is implements the agreement between Xi’an Han Chang’an Cheng Investment Co., Ltd. and Weiyang District People’s Government, and mainly takes charge of land consolidation, infrastructure construction, village-in-city reconstruction, real estate development, coordinated urban and rural construction, construction of landscape engineering, property administration, tourism commercial and trade development, etc. 



      At present, “Handu Xinyuan” project constructed by the company is a binding project of the Weiyang Palace Heritage of Chang’an City of Western Han Dynasty to apply for the list of the Silk Road World Cultural Heritage program and becomes the largest demolition, relocation and resettlement project currently in Xi’an. It has successively been listed as “Xi’an Key Construction Project” in 2013 and 2014.



       In 2013, the Group cooperated with the Administrative Committee of the State Great Heritage Special Protected Area of Chang’an City of Western Han Dynasty and Weiyang District People’s Government of Xi’an to construct and develop the great heritage of Chang’an City of Western Han Dynasty, and jointly set up Xi’an Shenghe Han Chang’an Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd.With registered capital of RMB 200 million Yuan, Since the beginning of 2013, demolition, relocation and resettlement as well as land consolidation have been carried out in the area applying for the list of world heritage, As for consolidation, acquisition and storage as well as primary development of 5500mu land of balance area of Great Heritage Special Protected Area, the total investment is RMB 13 billion Yuan, and it is planned to be completed within five years. the evaluation and inspection & acceptance work for 8.58 km2 land applying for the list of world heritage has been accomplished by the international organization, all land for resettlement housing construction has been acquired, and construction of 2,000,000 m2 of resettlement housing has been fully carried out.



     Besides, Xi,an Shenghe Han Chang’an Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperates with Overseas Chinese Town Group to conduct comprehensive development for the 1,100mu plot on the urban center section of northern suburbs of Xi,an with the planned investment of RMB 20 billion Yuan. Currently, the conceptual planning review has been completed for the development plot. It is predicted that the regulatory planning and resource reverse of 1,100mu developmental land (total building area of about 2,600,000m2) will be completed within the year.